• 55%+
    students found with Dental Cavities
  • 35%+
    students found with Weight related issues
  • 20%+
    students found with Vision related issues
  • Multiple acute and Congenital conditions identified during Screening

School Health

Jarma Wellness is a leading private sector organization working in School Health. We enable Schools across the country to develop a Healthier student population and inculcate positive Health behaviors and attitudes.

Our Programs for Schools Addresses all the dimensions of a child’s health (Mental and Physical Well Being) through a combination of counseling, testing and interventions. We take a 360 degree view of the eco-system affecting the child (i.e. Parents, Teachers and Support Staff apart from the Students themselves). Impart and reinforce important ‘Life Skills’.

Program Deliverables

Our program for School Health Screening is based on the guidelines provided in the CBSE Health Manual and our experience in working in this field. It consists of the following activities and deliverables:

  • Detailed class wise project plan
  • Health Report cards - Digital & Physical, for students
  • Complete Health Analytics
  • Doctors Consultation within School premises
  • Session with Teachers on important observations
  • Discussion session with Management on Health Analytics
  • Follow-up Screening
  • Sessions / seminars for Students, Teachers, Parents and Support Staff
School Health Programme

Health Screening Module for Students


  • Height, Weight
  • BMI (Using Percentile Method)

Personal Hygiene

  • Hair, Nails
  • Skin


  • Visual Acuity Test(PlusOptix based)
  • Color vision
  • Check for squints
  • Check for pathological anomalies

Oral care

  • Cavities
  • Alignments
  • Gum Health
  • Oral Care

ENT Examination

  • Ear hygiene, hearing (Tuning fork sensitivity)
  • Nasal Examination
  • Throat Examination

Respiratory Disorders

  • Spirometry (Measure Lung Capacity)
  • Oxymetry
  • Upper respiratory tract examination
  • Non-normal breathing sounds


  • Overall bone/muscle match
  • General gait check
  • Bone joint checks (knee, elbow shoulder)

General Physical Health

  • General health check by physicians using PICCLE test
  • Examination for abdomen, cardiac sounds, overall health, Allergy

Health analytics are submitted to the management and findings are discussed with the teachers.

Health Awareness Modules

As an Organization, our primary focus is on increasing "Health Awareness" and reinforcing "Life Skills".
Below is an illustrative list of programs that we conduct at schools for various stakeholders:

  • For Students
  • Parents For Parents
  • For Teachers
  • For Support Staff
  • For Students

    Food and Nutrition

  • 'Get Moving'

  • Ergonomics

  • Changing Bodies

  • Stress Management

  • Vision and Oral Care

  • Substance Abuse

  • Road Safety

  • Managing Expectations

  • Sex Education

  • For Parents

    Communicating with kids

  • Moral Intelligence

  • Understanding Change

  • Stress Management

  • 'Be a Coach'

  • Vision and Oral Care

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • For Teachers

    7 Intelligent Type Workshops

  • Identifying Learning Disabilities

  • Ergonomics

  • Stress Management

  • Building Vision in children

  • Women Health

  • Workshop / Training session on Safety and First Aid

  • For Support Staff

    Healthy Mind and Healthy Body

  • Hygiene Factors

  • Planning for a Positive Day

  • For Bus Drivers

    Ergonomics while driving

  • Road Safety

  • Vision Care

  • Stress Management


“We had student Parent Doctors doing the Health check-ups in our School, we had to manage a lot of logistics and planning, screening sessions had to be planned based on the availability of the Parent Doctors and record management was getting very difficult, we have been working with Jarma Wellness for 2 years and it has been a very professional experience, we really appreciate the detailed project planning and meticulous execution. The Health analytics that they submit is very interesting, for the School Management, the entire Health Screening process is now on Auto-pilot mode, thanks to the Jarma Wellness team”

Principal, leading K-12 School in Gujarat

“We have been working with Jarma Wellness for both our English and Gujarati Medium Schools in the Health Screening and Awareness area for the past 3 years. We have had great experience working with team Jarma, I would especially like to mention about Dr. Akshay Shah, his sessions and interactions with Parents have been a huge hit at our School. The teachers too look forward to the interesting sessions every year”

Principal, K-10 School in Mumbai

“There was a suggestion in my child’s report to see an Ophthalmologist as he was suspected to have short sightedness during the Screening program. We took him to an Ophthalmologist who diagnosed him with partial blindness. A corrective surgery was recommended, we did that surgery and now with spectacles he can see things much better than before. I would like to thank the School and management for conducting this Health Screening exercise. This has helped us very much”

A Parent, K-10 School, Mumbai

“The Health screening exercise by Jarma Wellness has helped identify a potentially contagious condition in one of our students which neither the parent nor the School was aware about, timely identification and the correct guidance by the Jarma Wellness Doctors helped mitigate the condition very quickly. For us, even if we are able to identify one such condition we believe we have executed our responsibility well as a School.”

Director, K-10 School, Pune

“We have started working with Jarma since the last year, we were really impressed with the professional approach and execution, we have more than 4000 students and the entire Screening project was executed without a hitch”

Senior Coordinator, K-12 School, Kolkata