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COVID 19 has altered the way we function, this has also altered ways in which Children study and spend their time. Our survey indicates that Vision Care is the second biggest concern amongst parents in the current times. While learning should not stop and the need to be in front of a device is the ‘new normal’, it is imperative to take care of the vision, especially protecting the eyes from over-exposure to Blue Light. We bring an initiative along with vision care experts Lawrence & Mayo to protect your and your children’s vision.

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Blue light: It’s both bad and good for you

What is blue light?

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that can’t be seen by human eyes. Blue light is a short wavelength, which produces a higher amount of energy that is harmful to the human eye.

Why is blue light harmful?
  • Eye strain leading to eye discomfort, occasional blurred vision & red eyes.
  • Damage to light sensitive cells in the retina which can affect vision permanently.
  • Too much exposure at night can disrupt the body’s natural wakefulness & sleep cycles leading to disturbed sleep, lack of focus, irritability, etc.
How to protect your child’s eyes from blue light?

By wearing Blue Cut spectacles, you can protect your child’s vision while using any electronic or digital device.

About Lawrence and Mayo


  • As one of India’s most enduring and trusted opticians, Lawrence & Mayo is renowned for its long legacy of maintaining the highest standards in precision eye care solutions, customer-centric service and the value for money we provide our clientele.
  • Our pioneering vision and dedication has helped us set new standards in the nation’s optical industry, with many notable firsts to our credit – including being the first retailer to introduce contact lenses and computerised eye-testing in India.


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